After Surgery  

When your child’s surgery is complete, the surgeon will call or come and talk to you. Your child will be taken to the PACU (Post Anesthesia Care Unit). This is often called the recovery area. The initial stage of waking up takes place here while the nurses monitor your child’s recovery the entire time. As your child begins to wake up, the nurse will call you to be with your child.

*(Only 2 visitors are allowed in the recovery room, usually parents, caregivers or grandparents. Siblings are not allowed in the recovery area).

Remember, each child reacts differently to anesthesia (medicine to help them sleep). Some children wake up crying, restless, and angry. Others wake up very sleepy. All of these are normal. Talk to your child in a soft, calm voice and let him or her know you are there. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

If your child is staying in the hospital, a room will be assigned. You will accompany your child to this room and are encouraged to stay with your child if at all possible. If your child is going home, you may be released from the recovery area or go to the discharge area. Instructions will be provided for your child’s at-home care.