• Irish Dance

    Grades 1 - 4:

    2:45-4 pm Wednesdays beginning 9/16/2015 at Third Presbyterian Church: 1030 N 7th St, Springfield, IL 62702

    Irish Dance as performed today has evolved from a rich history of both solo and group dances in tandem with the beautiful strains of Irish music. Beginning as an interpretive rhythmic style of percussive dance, it has grown to a powerhouse form, emphasizing athletic as well as artistic attributes. Leaps, clicks, and traveling movements are artfully interlaced with intricate movements and footwork. Dancers stay on the balls of their feet with their knees straight (or nearly so) at all times. Their posture is gracefully erect without rigidity, encouraging not only development of the leg muscles, but of the core as well. Irish Dance enables the dancer to enjoy lifelong benefits of improved posture, balance, strength, agility and stamina. It's beautiful, challenging and can be enjoyed throughout most of a dancer's lifetime.


    “Kohl’s Gotta Dance has been a wonderful opportunity for my kids to learn new dances and make new friends. The instructors are knowledgeable and awesome to work with.” – Cheryl Kissick

    “Gotta Dance has opened up a whole new horizon of dance for me. Irish Dance is now my heart and soul, and I’d love to thank this program for introducing it to me.” – Lea Kissick

    “Gotta Dance is an amazing program. Ever since I joined I have made so many friends, become more confident and learned a great new skill. I love Irish dance and I recommend anyone that loves to have fun to join.” – Kensington VanHouten